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Our human resources software makes it easy to manage and increase the productivity and performance of your employees.  We understand that your employees are investments and we want to make sure that you profit from that investment. Our human resources software gives you access to a variety of  reports and assessments for every stage of the employee cycle to ensure that you are in the best position to ensure your Talent Thrives!

Reports & Assessments:

  • Salary & Hourly Pre-Hire Assessments
    • We offer pre-hire assessments for hourly and salaried positions to ensure potential candidates have the job related skills needed to succeed.  
  • Development & Team Assessments
    • Team building is a complicated process, we know. We understand how difficult finding a complimentary group of people can be and the impacts this may have on your bottom line.  Our development and team assessments give you the insights you need to better position your team members to excel.
  • Critical Thinking / Reasoning Assessment
    • Using job related language and business examples, our critical thinking and reasoning assessments are meant to measure the intellectual capacity of your leadership level employees
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your employees with 360 Reports
    • 360 Reports evaluates your employees for strengths and weaknesses to ensure targeted and continued employee growth.
  • Engagement & Exit Surveys
    • Reduced organizational productivity and loss in recruiting cost are just a few of the ways employee separation can dramatically impact your profits, making exit surveys a critical part of of every employers retention strategy.  Our exit surveys ensure that that you are getting all of the information you need help reduce employee turnover.
  • Online Interview Training
    • We know your employees are your most valuable asset, and proper interview technique is essential to hiring the right person. Our Online interview training gives your employees the essential skills to conduct proper and structured interviews in a convenient online format.
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