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Here at TalentThrive, we pride ourselves on developing meaningful, authentic, and dedicated relationships with our clients and candidates! We have real conversations about personal and business responsibilities to ensure that we understand both party’s needs and expectations. Hover below to uncover more about our services:

Retained Search

Our retained search is an invested resource that delivers qualified, vetted candidates. Unlike contingency agencies, we have skin in the game and act as an extended arm to the organization. We do the research, sort through the resumes, and hold pre-interview conversations ensuring that we deliver only the best to our clients!

  • 3-5 qualified, vetted candidates per position
  • 20-30% fee of annual salary
  • Engagement during the hiring process for a better candidate experience
  • Guaranteed company confidentiality through contractually bound agreement


Talent Management Software

For those doing their own hiring, our talent management software helps employers manage potential candidates and employees through all stages of the employee life cycle!

  • Salary + Hourly Pre-Hire Assessments
  • Development + Team Assessments
  • Video Interviewing
  • Online Reference Checking



On the hunt for a new job? Submit your resume and contact information to us and we will try to connect you with your next opportunity! 

We are here to deliver results to make your professional life easier and your business thrive! Schedule a time to have a discussion with one of our experts to see how we can help you!

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